Ph.D. SZTE-FOK védések

Ph.D. védések

SZTE Fogorvostudományi Kar

Dr. Zsedényi Ádám Kornél

Investigation of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds for Potential Medical Applications

(2018. január 16.)

Dr. Berkovits Csaba

Yeast Microflora and Halitosis in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma- Two Microbiological Aspects of a Disease

(2017. november 4.)

Dr. Fráter Márk

The Restorative Use of Fibre-Reinforced Materials in the Posterior Region

(2015. december 3.)

Dr. Plachtovics Márk
Examination of Grey Value Accuracy and Improvement of Image Quality in Cone Beam Computed Tomography /CBCT/”
Meghívó (PDF)
(2015. június 19.)


Dr. Vályi Péter

Genetic investigations in Christ-Siemens-Touraine and Papillon-Lefèvre Syndrome in the eyes of the dentist
Meghívó (PDF)


(2014. december 8.)

Dr. Antal Márk Ádám
Research and education in the battle against tobacco-related oral diseases: two examples from a dental school
(2014. június 15.)


Dr. Ungvári Krisztina
Effects of Chemical and Prophylactic Agents Used in Dentistry on Titanium Implant Surfaces


(2013. október 14.)


Dr. Fages Michel

Study of biomechanical behavior of the all ceramic dental crown
(2013. június 11.)

Dr. Stájer Anette
Influence of prophylactic agents on the growth of oral bacterial biofilms on titanium surfaces
(2012. november 21.)


Dr. Urbán István
Vertical and horizontal augmentation using guided bone regeneration.


(2012. április 25.)

Dr. Nagy Judit
Quality of life of head and neck cancer patients after tumor treatment and subsequent maxillofacial rehabilitation.
(2012. március 1.)

Dr. Sofia Aroca Sotelo

Surgical treatments of multiple gingival recessions: state of the art and wound healing modulation

(2010. október 4.)


Dr. Matusovits Danica
Investigation of the Osseointegration of Dental Implants and Different Biomaterials Used in Guided Tissue Regeneration.
(2009. szeptember 2.)

Dr. Rózsa Noémi Katinka

Prevalence and treatment possibilities of numerical, morphological dental anomalies and malposition during childhood

(2009. május 27.)


Dr. Pelsőczi Kovács István
New Method for Modification of a Biomaterial Surface to Improve its Osseointegration.
(2006. január 1.)


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