Saturday, 30 September 2023


Foundation for Training of Dentists in Szeged

A foundation helps our clinic to function too, and through it anybody can sponsor our work developed in the field of Odontology.

Name of foundation:


Founder of foundation:

Antal, András DMD; 6900 Makó, Széchenyi tér 8.

Centre of foundation:

6720 Szeged, Tisza L. krt. 64.

Invoicing bank:


Number of current acount:


Tax number:


Aims of foundation:

To improve conditions of dentists' teaching realized at SZTE Faculty of Dentistry.

Improving intentions concern material conditions, structure and methods of training.

Activity of foundation which is of public utility at the same time:

- health preservation, prevention of diseases, activity of curing and health rehabilitation,

- scientific activity, research,

- education and instruction, developing skills, popular science.

Foundation performs the next tasks in order to fulfill its aims:

- organizes conferences,

- edits publications,

- gives lectures,

- supports participating in conferences etc.

How to join the foundation:

Foundation is open, private individuals, legal entities, and companies who are not legal entities can join too, if undertake the aim set.

Joining can happen by the following ways:

Offering capital (cash, bonds), or on the basis of previous agreement with Curatory by transference of other properties (real estates, movable properties) or letting have its enjoyment (for example real estates' enjoyment) - whether provisional or periodic -, and assuring service of intangible assets.

Curatory's Members, president and secretary within this:

Kinga Turzó MSc, PhD president

Emese Battancs DMD secretary

Eszter Kocsis member

Supervisory Committee:

Prof. Zoltán Rakonczay DSc president

Helga Füzesi DMD member

János Perényi DMD member